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"A number of experts on church growth principles added muscle to the conference. Among the experts were George Barna, George Gallup Jr., Lyle Schaller, and Tom Sine—icons in the church growth movement...Of the four church growth experts mentioned above, I have heard three of them speak at some length."

James P. Schaefer The Northwestern Lutheran, October 15, 1991, p. 363.


"Marketing churches to reach people is consistent with biblical principles and doesn't mean the message needs to be watered down or compromised, according to researcher George Barna...Church growth is primarily accomplished by word of mouth. Barna advised clergy to see themselves as cheerleaders rather than leaders, as laypeople carry out the practical marketing of the church."

News From Around the World, The Northwestern Lutheran, November 15, 1991 p. 395.


"MEDIA RESOURCES. Marketing the Church (George Barna), Navpress."

WELS Evangelism Workshop IV, LOCATING THE LOST, Marketing the church is a key Church Growth concept. p. 96.


"George Barna of Glendale, Calif., president of the Barna Research Group, a marketing firm specializing in research for Christian churches and parachurch organizations, laid out 'The Context for Leadership' with rather challenging facts about the society the church faces today."

Lutheran Brotherhood, Bond, "Preparing the Church for the Next Century," Fall, 1991 68, p. 12. [Barna spoke to a pan-Lutheran conference of ELCA, WELS, and LCMS leaders.]