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            SERMON NOTES

               Christmas Day

             December 25, 1995

                Luke 2:1-14



I.   The Virgin Birth in History

     A.  Brought to Bethlehem by Caesar

     B.  Denied a decent birth by His own


II.  Angels are Messengers

     A.  "Do not be afraid."

     B.  "A Savior is born to you."

     C.  He is humbly born.


"Here are no learned, no rich, no mighty ones, for such people do not as a rule accept the Gospel.  The Gospel is a heavenly treasure, which will not tolerate any other treasure, and will not agree with any earthly guest in the heart.  Therefore whoever loves the one must let go the other, as Christ says, Matthew 6:24:  'You cannot serve God and mammon.'"

Sermons of Martin Luther, 8 vols., I, p. 154. Luke 2:1‑14.       


"The preachers are to be angels, that is God's messengers, who are to lead a heavenly life, are to be constantly engaged with God's Word that they under no circumstances preach the doctrine of men.  It is a most incongruous thing to be God's messenger and not to further God's message."

Sermons of Martin Luther, I, p. 153. Christmas Day Luke 2:1‑14.


"Whoever does not receive the Word for its own sake, will never receive it for the sake of the preacher, even if all the angels preached it to him.  And he who receives it because of the preacher does not believe in the Word, neither in God through the Word, but he believes the preacher and in the preacher. Hence the faith of such persons does not last long.  But whoever believes the Word, does not care who the person is that speaks the Word, and neither will he honor the Word for the sake of the person; but on the contrary, he honors the person because of the Word, and always subordinates the person to the Word."

Sermons of Martin Luther, I, p. 162. Luke 2:15‑20.


"Therefore God must lead us to a recognition of the fact that it is He who puts faith in our heart and that we cannot produce it ourselves.  Thus the fear of God and trust in Him must not be separated from one another, for we need them both, in order that we may not become presumptuous and overconfident, depending upon ourselves.  This is one of the reasons why God leads His saints through such great trials."

Sermons of Martin Luther, II, p. 21. Luke 2:41‑52.          


The Gospel is our greatest treasure because it alone gives us forgiveness of sin based upon the merits of Christ alone.  The Virgin Birth of Jesus testifies to the unique nature of His ministry and message.