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"The Institute for American Church Growth has created a card game called  'Church Growth Eyes.'  The game may be used in groups to learn how to see  through church growth eyes." 

Delos Miles,  Church Growth, A Mighty River,  Nashville:  Broadman Press,  1981,  p. 51. 


"As we consider various factors and principles relating to Church Growth  we need abundant, accurate information about the members of our churches.  This  basic principle of Church Growth is called Discerning the Body .  Pastors and lay people need to discern the Body  in the congregation in which  they are serving.  For this, Church Growth eyes are essential." 

Donald A. McGavran and Winfield C. Arn,  Ten Steps for Church Growth,  New York:  Harper and Row,  1977,  p. 61.


"This is not a handbook on how to do certain things, not offering us  gimmicks, procedures, models, and the like, although there is much of practical  material to be found throughout.  It is rather a theology of church growth and  missions." [foreword by Robert Preus]

Waldo J. Werning, LCMS,  The Radical Nature of Christianity, Church Growth  Eyes Look at the Supernatural Mission of the Christian and the Church,  South Pasadena:  William Carey Library,  1975,  p. 9. 


"Church Growth is not another program.  It is a process.  The pastor and  people who have 'Church Growth eyes' make up a church that sees the task of  ministry as an outreach process that affects every aspect of the church:  from  ladies' aid to elders."

 Kent R. Hunter, LCMS,  Launching Growth in the Local Congregation,  A Workbook for Focusing Church Growth Eyes,  Detroit:  Church Growth Analysis and Learning Center,  1980,  p. 11.