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Pastor Gregory L. Jackson, Ph.D.

6421 W. Poinsettia Drive

Glendale, Arizona 85304-2419

623-334-8014; chemnitz@uswest.net




A computer guru sent me this email about virus protection. I donít want to scare you out of your mind,

but it is good to know these things. I have been online for years and have not suffered an attack so far.

That does not make me immune, but I donít want newcomers to think it happens every day. It is more likely to get damage

from lightning, power sags, crashes, and a build-up of Windows conflicts. I should also include being felony stupid with the computer, such as deleting the entire compressed hard drive (I did that) or failing to back up when the computer starts to act up (no comment), or failing to have a rescue disk setup in case of a boot failure, to get Windows going and save the good stuff (5th amendment plea), or refusal to call up a techie and fix it yourself by trying one thing after another, until the only option is to reformat the hard drive and lose everything (nolo contendere).


Greetings Gregory,
It's hard to say who, especially now days, but I can suggest a few programs
that can also protect you even more than an anti-virus,  I've heard that the
best one is "Jammer".  With Jammer you can send e-mail back to the culprit,
even 10's of 1000's of them and flood them right back.  Or you can contact
their IP directly and let them know what's happening. [That sounds a little more

honest to me. GJ]

Here are a few to look into...


-AtGuard ver 3.1 http://www.atguard.com
-Lockdown 2000 http://lockdown2000.com/sharelockdown.html
-Jammer 1.95 Build 0809 http://jammer.comset.net/

Here's some info on Jammer:

Nowadays the virtual thieves don't need a special knowledge to steal
something from your computer. All they need to attack you are special
programs usually called Trojan Horses or just Trojans (another name is
Backdoors). These programs are new and the most dangerous generation of
computer viruses, which allow to get a full access to your computer.
What kind of actions could be performed on your machine?

∑ Format your disk and delete all your works
∑ Steal your credit card number
∑ Download databases documents or any files from your computer and upload as
∑ Monitor your current activity
∑ Determine all your passwords: dialup, web site access, mail and other
∑ Use you computer to hack another one using a redirection command.

To infect you with Trojan Horse an intruder has to trick you to run the
virus on your computer.

Here are the common examples how you can be infected with such kind of

∑ While executing any kind of files from suspicious sources from Internet.
∑ By opening the attachment of E-mail
∑ By a "friend" which may run a virus program on your computer while you are
∑ By executing files received via your on-line pager (i.e. ICQ)

Let's suppose that you have been already infected. How does a cracker attack
and get a full control of your computer?

Intruders searches (scans) the Net for an infected user (technically,
attacker sends request packets to all users of the specific Internet

Infected machine replies to intruder's request with positive answer "I am

After the attacker has found an infected user, he connects to the user's
computer like to a server and makes a "link" between both of the user's
computer and that of the intruder's one.

After the link is established (what may take a few seconds), the intruder
gets a full access to the user's computer. He may do with user's computer
everything he wants. Now the attacker is a master and the user is a slave.

But fortunately you do not need to panic - Jammer detects protects you from
most wide spread Trojan Horses: Back Orifice, NetBus and BO2K.

Jammer will remove from your computer:

∑ 4 modifications of NetBus
∑ 12 modifications of BackOrifice
∑ 2 modifications of BO2K (also known as BackOrifice 2000)