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Cancel Your Dental Appointments, the Holy Spirit Does Teeth Now!


I was revving up my Internet speed-up program, NetSonic Pro, when I tried out Pastor Robert Rhyne’s website and links. He was very big in Church Growth in WELS. WELS CG leader Paul Kelm loved the Rhyne paper on sanctification so much that he Xeroxed it and sent it out for others to read. The paper was 100% Reformed. Rhyne calls himself a charismatic now, has an independent church, and works with the LCMS Pentecostal group RIM. You can find these links at the Bethany site.


So I was pro-loading pages, to make them work better, when I found this link to the Toronto Pentecostals at the Grace, Waukegan (die Rhyne Lehre site). http://www.tacf.org/


Here is the story, which also has pictures! If God heals something else, will we get color photos? I hope not. Look for some serious links at the end of the tooth story.



Official Statement | Photos

On Wednesday evening, March 3, during TACF’s Intercession Conference, a new dimension of the Holy Spirit’s presence fell, this time in healing power and signs and wonders. Two women from Capetown, South Africa testified before the nearly 4,000 conference attendees that their father had received a gold filling while watching a video of John and Carol Arnott’s meeting at the Hatfield Christian Church in Pretoria, South Africa in February, where several people had reported receiving gold fillings. After their testimonies, John Arnott asked everyone who needed healing or a touch from God on their mouths, necks, jaws, teeth or gums or who wanted to ask God to supernaturally fill their teeth to stand. Almost everyone stood to their feet and prayed.

Within moments approximately twenty people began to stream to the altar reporting that gold teeth had miraculously appeared in their mouths immediately after prayer. As the service continued the number of those receiving miraculous touches in their mouths began to increase dramatically. Some attendees were testifying to the color of their amalgam fillings changing to gold.

By the next day, the air of expectancy in the conference began to escalate dramatically. By the Friday evening service, over 100 people gathered in the cafeteria adjoining the sanctuary to fill out testimony forms answering specific questions about the miraculous changes taking place in their mouths. As the conference attendees, including a professional dental hygienist from Germany, shone penlights on each others teeth, many reported observing changes in the metallic composition of the fillings taking place before their eyes. The room was filled with people in awe. Some were shouting and gasping and others were falling under the power.

By Saturday night, 198 people stood in front of the platform testifying to miraculous changes taking place in their mouths. Many of them reported the sudden appearance of gold overlaying teeth formerly covered by amalgam fillings and white porcelain caps. Others reported gradual changes occurring in the color of their fillings and healings of diseases of the mouth. In several mouths, gold work obviously done by dentists was juxtaposed beside brand new, shiny teeth completely overlaid with gold entirely different in appearance to the man-made dental work. The supernaturally overlaid teeth appeared as though they had been freshly painted with pure gold leaf. Incredibly, the sides of some of the gold teeth even appeared to be etched with designs, one with a lily and several with crosses.

One woman who had suffered for years with swollen gums as a result of gingivitis reported that her gums had returned to normal and that by Saturday only a tiny red spot remained in the roof of her mouth.

On Sunday evening more people testified to receiving gold fillings in place of amalgam. One woman from Idaho testified that she asked God to put a sign in her mouth as He was doing for others. He gave her the scripture, Psalm 34, "His praise shall continually be in my mouth." As John Arnott laid hands on her mouth after the Sunday morning service, her previously gray amalgam fillings began to change appearance. All who looked in her mouth saw the fillings change to delicate, yellow florentine gold.

Pictures of the gold teeth may be accessed at Toronto’s web site address, <www.tacf.org>. As individuals downloaded these pictures, and all over the world people showed them to others, the same miracle began to break out in other locations. Calls were coming in from England as well as cities in the US and Canada reporting the supernatural appearance of new gold teeth and fillings.

The supernatural appearance of the gold teeth in people’s mouths has been widely reported for several years in Argentinean revival meetings. In fact, their appearance has become so commonplace that some evangelists there refuse to allow testimony of those receiving fewer than three in one meeting.

All those who came to the altar were exhorted to go home and make appointments with their dentists to verify the changes and validate the miracles taking place. In our next issue, we will report further on the results of these miracles and their professional confirmations.

In the meantime, other healings began to break out as the faith level at the conference rose. One woman threw her back brace across the platform and began to bend over, touch her toes and run across the stage screaming, "I don’t need this anymore; I’m healed." Another wheelchair-bound faithful member of TACF reported being able to touch his toes for the first time in his life.

On Sunday morning Paul and Elaine Morris of Cincinnati, Ohio testified holding their two-year-old daughter Rebekah. In September the Morrises had brought their daughter to TACF to receive prayer. Rebekah had been diagnosed at age 12 months with Hepatitis C, an incurable liver disease. Her mother reported that she had passed the disease on to her daughter during pregnancy.

After Rebekah received prayer, the Morrises returned home to Cincinnati. On October 26, 1998, they went back to the doctor to receive the results of tests taken on Rebekah after their trip to TACF. The doctor reported that there was no longer any trace of the Hepatitis C virus in her bloodstream and that she was completely healed.

Paul Morris, Rebekah’s father, tearfully thanked the Lord Jesus Christ publicly. Elaine Morris, Rebekah’s mother, still suffers from the illness but received prayer on Sunday. "When we were here the first time, there was no way I could ever ask for healing for myself," she said. "I just needed Rebekah to be healed so much that my healing wasn’t even an issue."

The outbreak of new signs and healing miracles gave rise to speculation that a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit has begun, and that the River has risen to a new level. Prophetic voices at the conference and throughout the US and Canada were phoning in interpretations to the events. "It’s a sign that a new filling has begun," some said. Others quoted the scripture, "Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it." Still others remembered, "Buy of me gold, refined in the fire…" Sue Mitchell, one of the conference speakers, interpreted the appearance of gold in the mouths of believers as a sign of the gospel being preached and the end-time harvest beginning. All of these are undoubtedly true. But John Arnott’s characteristically gracious interpretation may be the most accurate. "I just believe God loves people and wants to bless them."

Report by: Melinda Fish

From Spread the Fire, 1999 issue 2


On a more serious note, Pastor Mark Ochsankehl has great links to Luther material on his site: http://www.foxberry.net/markox/search.html


If you want to speed up web searches, because we all prefer certain sites, get this speed up program. I liked it enough to buy the Pro version. http://www.netsonic.com/


However, I mentioned Intermute before. That really messed me up for a time. I was in such a fix that my son had to bail me out (again!) and tell me why Netscape was confused after being bitten by Intermute. The point of Intermute is to banish banners, but I did not like it. And its effects lingered after I uninstalled it.