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Pastor Gregory L. Jackson, Ph.D.

6421 W. Poinsettia Drive

Glendale, Arizona 85304-2419

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I started on a gardening article for an email friend in Australia. The doorbell rang and I discovered two men at the door. My first impression was that they were trying to promote a business. Then they said, “We are doing pastoral work.” I asked them their affiliation and they said, “Jehovah’s Witnesses.” They were eager to come inside and I was quite willing to talk to them.


My experience so far has been that cults send out a senior and a junior member. In this case the senior partner was an older Caucasian. The junior was a younger Black man. I have had two middle-aged women appear at the door as well.


Some people find JWs intimidating, and I can understand how they would be confused by the arguments. There was some hemming around at first. They learned that I was a Lutheran and asked if I attended a certain Lutheran church. I was waiting for them to pin me down about being a pastor, but they missed the logical thread. “Where do you attend church?” would have alerted them a little earlier.


I asked them if they believed in the Trinity. No, they do not. Cults never do. Cults believe in an afterlife, but not Hell. I wonder why. The thrust of their argument was that Jesus was the Son of God but just a man on earth. They heatedly denied that He was God. They also denied that the Holy Spirit was a member of the Trinity. Of course they (like the liberal apostates) pointed out that the word Trinity is not found in the Bible. I quoted the ending of Matthew and stated the Trinity can be found throughout the Bible, starting with Genesis.


They reverted to their version of logic. As Luther said, and I quoted him, they are like men who look through a colored glass filter. They only see one color. They thought they had me when they stated they could not understand how Jesus could pray to Himself. “You said Jesus prayed to Jesus.” I replied, “No, I didn’t. You just said that.” (Straw man argument) I responded that Jesus, true God and true man, prayed to God the Father, not to Himself. Well, they could not understand it. I said, “A pet rabbit does not understand computer science, either. God said in Isaiah that His thoughts are not our thoughts. Don’t limit God to your abilities.”


I wanted to move to the Gospel, because deluded fools need to hear to hear the truth, even if they are filled with cult poison. “Jesus, as true God and true man, died for the sins of the world. Do you believe that?” The senior partner shot out, “No, that’s a lie.” Obviously, men who deny the divinity of Christ and His atoning death are not Christians or engaged in the Gospel at all. The best they can muster is a distorted version of the Law.


Once their denial of the divinity of Christ and His atoning death were established beyond a doubt, I aimed the big guns at them and fired for effect. I gave them a little slack so they would open their Bibles. I was quite willing to look up their passages and explain them, so now I got them to 2 Thessalonians 2. Woe to the cult leaders who want to argue the Scriptures. It is sharper than any two-edged sword, powerful against the enemies of God.


I read to them the appropriate verses, pointing out how they were filled with a deceiving spirit, which caused them to love error and teach error. Now they were sitting on hot needles. They had me read Psalm 110: “The Lord said to my Lord…” The junior partner was getting sarcastic with me and raised his voice. That’s a good sign. “If you can’t convince them, get them angry,” Wesley said. An angry man keeps going over how he lost the argument and his cool. (The truth allows a believer to remain calm. It is God’s Word not mine. The Holy Spirit is always at work in the Word, either blinding or illuminating, hardening hearts or converting them.)


They could not make sense out of two Lords. I said, God the Father spoke to God the Son. “Then who are the enemies?” one snapped at me. “You are. All the enemies of God’s Word will find out the truth at the end. And you will be punished for it.”


The senior partner made another attempt with this verse. “I cannot see how God can speak to God.” I replied, picking up what I said earlier about rabbits, “Neither can a cow. It is still God’s truth even if you cannot see it. You have blinded yourself to the truth.”


The older man knew he was beaten. He was livid and urged the other man to get up and leave with him. The junior team member made another stab at his talking point list (a distinct disadvantage for cultists) and tried to engage me some more. I was more than willing. I went into my “Tell the truth at the next home” speech that I give to Mormon missionaries.


I said, “At the next door, tell the people the truth this time. Tell them that Jesus is not God and that you hate the Scriptures. Tell them that He did not die for the sins of the world.”


They wanted to talk at me some more as they left, and that was fine with me. They were leaving and talking at the same time, so I said, “Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. At the next house, take off those fleeces and let them see your claws and your fangs.”


They were both quite agitated when they got into their car. But I think I saw a difference. The younger man was unnerved to some extent. I was really trying to reach him by bringing up several truths of the Bible: the two natures of Christ, the atoning death of Christ, and the three-ness of the One God. Probably the first thing they did was go back to retrain the junior partner. He may remain in the cult for some time, but there is always the chance that the Word will eat away at the cult filters he is wearing.


If Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons knock on your door, these are some matters to discuss with them, if you choose. Some do not want to invite them in. It should only be done for the purpose of instructing them about the truth. Curiosity is a bad reason to invite them. They like to speak to people who own Bibles and have some knowledge of the Word. They want to control the discussion and turn things in their favor. This is what they will deny:

  1. The Trinity. Mormons make the Trinity into three different gods. They also believe they will become gods and have heavenly harems to populate another planet. JWs deny the two natures of Christ. He is just a man on earth. I am not familiar with all their quirky ideas, but that is enough to pursue. They demand that something be proved to them from the Bible and then say it is not proved.
  2. The atoning death of Christ. JWs and Mormons both have fits about this. I make a point of saying, “Jesus died for the sins of the world and for my sins,” whenever I get a chance. One Mormon snorted with derision at that concept.
  3. The Christian faith. They are Christians to get in the door but they hate the Christian faith. Mormons call it “the whore of Babylon” because the visible church is divided. So is the visible Mormon cult.


I also think it is very important to tell them they are in mortal danger, going from door to door to destroy people’s faith. Cult leaders are going to Hell and murdering souls. It is unloving to let them think otherwise.


As I understand it, the JWs must either witness or be persecuted. They get brownie points for either one. I imagine my discussion went down as a persecution. I also believe my house will be marked on their map, “Here be monsters.” They can come every week. But I do not expect it. I never saw the Mormons again when they came inside for a long discussion in Columbus. They were the ones who were so mad that they walked past their umbrellas and walked down the street backwards yelling at me. They had to come back, so I had a chance to say, as I held the umbrellas without letting go, “You can come back any time, but you won’t discuss the Bible with someone who knows what is in it.” More yelling followed.


Someone from the Wisconsin Synod wrote while I was working on this. He made an assumption that the false teachers in his synod (Lawrence Otto Olson, Robert Hartman, Paul Kelm) would be in heaven, but on the outskirts. I do not believe that such false teachers are destined for heaven unless they repent of their hated of the Word. I do not see a major difference between Kelm, Olson, Valleskey, Kent Hunter, Waldo Werning, and David Valleskey, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses in my home. Both sets are overly eager to promote their anti-Scriptural ideas. Both sets deny the truths of the Bible. Both sets have a demonic hatred for those who are orthodox Christians. Obviously I cannot tell exactly what people believe, but I think they have underestimated the power of false doctrine in the self-destruction of their souls.