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To provide us with more information about the mission work in the Ukraine, Pastor Kovaciny has given a number of interesting stories to tell us what has been accomplished through God's blessings, his work and our support. This is one of the stories.

I want to tell you about the new mission in Kremenetz (in Ukrainian, it means "Flint"). The work began as an extension of the first church in the regional capital, Ternopil. With Twenty attending the congregation, a vicar (their term for an intern) was assigned and Pastor K. began to help out since a full time pastor is now working in Ternopil. The word traveled, and very quickly the need for more room became obvious…forty chairs were added and they were quickly filled. Pastor started an adult instruction class and confirmed 67 this Spring who all asked to go through the class again. 36 more people asked to join the new class. This was all during the "summer slump".

Pastor K continues: "With the number of adults joining the church, we needed to do something to help the children "catch up" on all the Biblical studies they have never done. In Ternopil, we have conducted several Bible Camps with great enthusiasm and success. Why not at Kremenetz? The usual problem arose...it is not in the budget! This is where Emmanuel always seems to come to the rescue. I used $1,006 of your money to rent the camp and provide food and materials and it was a great success! Not only did our youth benefit from the Bible instruction but a tour group from France joined us to eagerly hear the Bible lessons as I taught them. The enthusiasm is exciting and your support makes it happen."

"This is a characteristic of the Ukraine, and this is why we are here People here really want to know the Word of God. It is not difficutl to get the youth to come to morning devotions; when it is announced, the whole camp comes...including the outsiders. We have so many successes here. Thanks for making it happen!"


The Endowment Committee is again sponsoring a


Tuesday, October 20 at 7:00 p.m.

If you have concerns, questions or need advice about financial planning, this seminar is for you. No one will call or solicit you. Bring anyone. Those who attended the last seminar (in 1995) found it most helpful. This time, it will follow a panel discussion format.

The panel consists of:

Ron Eberhard, of Emmanuel, President of Business and Estate Planning Services Unlimited.

Robert Schumann, Lutheran pastor does financial and estate planning for Association for Lutherans.