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Pastor Gregory L. Jackson, Ph.D.

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LCMS Pastor Jack Cascione and his Universalist brother pastor, William Bischoff, love to bemoan the Missouri Synod’s tolerance of Reformed doctrine. Oh the tragedy of it all! If only they could run the show! One of their favorite speakers, Don Matzat, left the pastoral ministry to work at a Reformed radio station. Talk about unionism and abandoning the Means of Grace! But Matzat has the brass to give a paper on “Will the Real LCMS Pastor Please Stand Up?” Let us hope and pray he sat to give this paper, as any Roman Catholic bishop or pope would do. Ex cathedra, Matzat is infallibly hypocritical. Read the list of his brother ministers at the radio station, a job which “Reclaiming Walther” and “LutherQuest” brags about.


Note that Cascione wants to stop the unionism of the LCMS. Start at home, Jack. Start at home. Work your way up to The Barry Patch, but get some credibility first.


Title: "Will the Real LCMS Pastor Please Stand Up?"
By Rev. Donald G. Matzat

"I believe this crisis over our Doctrines of Church and Ministry is understandable and was even predictable. In the forties and fifties, with our experience of numerical growth, we became complacent. We did not adequately teach the people. Now we are reaping the results. A wake-up call is being sounded to the members of our congregations. They need to ask themselves some questions. Who are we? Why are we here? Where are we going? How are we going to get there? This is not about pastors, theologians, and District Presidents and Synodical officials. This is about the people in the pews. This is not merely a discussion of abstract theological concepts. The issue is our future mission, ministry, and growth as we move into the next millennium."



WORD Programming Guide: Spring/Summer 1997
Sunday Monday Through Friday Saturday

6:00 am

Truth For Life

Alistair Begg

6:30 am

Leading the Way

Dr. Michael Youssef

7:00 am

Grace to You

John MacArthur, Jr.

7:25 am


Chuck Colson

7:30 am

Focus on the Family

James Dobson

8:00 am

Insight for Living

Chuck Swindoll

8:30 am

In Touch

Charles Stanley

9:00 am

Family Life Today

Dennis Rainey

9:30 am

Discover the Word

Haddon Robinson

9:45 am

Hope for the Heart

June Hunt

10:00 am

Turning Point

David Jeremiah

10:30 am

Key Life

Steve Brown

10:45 am


Kay Arthur

11:00 am

Truths that Transform

D. James Kennedy

11:30 am

South Hills Bible Chapel

Ron Moore

12:00 pm

Focus on the Family

James Dobson

12:30 pm

Thru the Bible

J. Vernon McGee

1:00 pm

Jay Sekulow Live

Jay Sekulow

1:30 pm

Money Matters

Larry Burkett

2:00 pm

New Life Live

Steven Arterburn

3:00 pm

Washington Watch

Janet Parshall

3:02 pm

Neighbor to Neighbor

John Hall

4:00 pm

The Great Conversation

Don Matzat

4:03 pm

Family news in Focus

Bob Dettmer

5:02 pm


Chuck Colson

6:00 pm

Bible Answerman

Hank Hanagraaff

7:00 pm

Renewing Your Mind

R. C. Sproul

7:30 pm

In Touch

Charles Stanley

7:55 pm

How to Manage Your Money

Larry Burkett

8:00 pm

Adventures in Odyssey

Focus on the Family

8:30 pm

Focus on the Family

James Dobson

9:00 pm

Thru the Bible

J. Vernon McGee

9:30 pm

Decision Today

Billy Graham Evan. Assoc.

10:00 pm

Back to the Bible

Woodrow Kroll

10:30 pm


Bill Pierce

11:00 pm

Nutritional Remedies Part 1

Gary James

11:30 pm

Nutritional Remedies Part 2

Gary James

12:00 am

Hope In the Night

June Hunt

2:00 am

Life At It's Best

Norm Nelson

2:28 am

Kennedy Commentary

D. James Kennedy

2:30 am

Decision Today

Billy Graham Evan. Assoc.

3:00 am

Focus on the Family

James Dobson

3:30 am

Insight for Living

Chuck Swindoll

4:05 am

In Touch

Charles Stanley

4:30 am

Family Life Today

Dennis Rainey

5:00 am

Love Worth Finding

Adrian Rodgers

5:30 am

Life At Its Best

Norm Nelson