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Holy Cross
Church, Midland, MI
June 25-6, 2002

The Twentieth Century represents a great divide in the use of Bibles. Replacement of the superior King James Version of the Bible has been accompanied by doctrinal indifference, lack of memory work, and scriptural illiteracy. Traditional Lutheran prefer the King James for the following reasons:

  1. The translation is the most precise.
  2. The KJV is directly linked to Luther's Bible.
  3. The KJV does not speculate with, and toss out, readings of the New Testament, but retains the Majority Text used by the Christian Church.
  4. The KJV is easy to memorize while the hives of new translations are not.

Few Biblical commentaries are worth the paper they are printed on. Exceptions are:
  1. Luther's commentaries.
  2. Lenski's New Testament commentaries, available from Christian Book Distributors for about $150.
  3. Kretzmann's Popular commentaries, out of print.
  4. Wenzel's commentary.
  5. Keil-Delitschz' Old Testament commentaries.

Avoid the WELS People's Bible commentaries and the recent LCMS efforts.

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