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Holy Cross
Church, Midland, MI
June 25-6, 2002

Martin Chemnitz Press

  1. LCMS Money Scandal
  2. Support Repristination Press with Special Gifts
  3. WELS Easter Commercials
  4. WELS Gives Festerling the Left Foot of Fellowship
  5. WELS FIC Video
  6. Kurtzahn Threatens! Oh dear! Oh my!
  7. Kokomo Universalism
  8. Justifying Faith
  9. Universalism
  10. Pentecostal Matzat and Cascione
  11. ELS and WELS Give Shep the Left Foot of Fellowship
  12. Very Unofficial Otten/LCMS Site
  13. ELS Pastor David Jay Webber on WELS
  14. David Jay Webber on WELS, II
  15. David Jay Webber on WELS Again
  16. Long a Speaker at Wisconsin Lutheran College--WELS
  17. WELS Statistics--Falling from Church Growth
  18. Thy Strong Word--Summary
  19. James Tiefel Reacts to Hymn
  20. ELS Missionary Supports Stolzenburg and vice versa
  21. Jehovah's Witnesses at the Door
  22. Pastor Martin Kalish Website
  23. Christian News Misleads Readers
  24. Is Justification a Joke to Christian News?
  25. The Antichrist Speaks
  26. How to Build a Free Website in a Few, Easy Steps
  27. What the ELS Represents Today 
  28. Otten Would Rather Sell Church Growth Books

Book Texts

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