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Pastor Gregory L. Jackson, Ph.D.

6421 W. Poinsettia Drive
Glendale, Arizona 85304-2419

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Pastor James Heiser has an opportunity to buy a rare Lutheran book for his future publishing work - SECOND EDITION of MATTHIAS FLACIUS' MAGDEBURG CENTURIES  (Ecclesiastica  Historia, 1562-1574). The last time this book was available came in 1984. It happens that a Flacius scholar died and left these books to be sold.


Never heard of Flacius? Don’t be shocked. Many Lutherans have never heard of the Book of Concord and most could not name a single Concordist, let alone all six. (TSW owners can do that with the brief biographies at the end of the book.)


Flacius was a crucial figure in combating the errors of the compromising Lutherans during the Reformation. The problem was that when Luther died in 1546, he left a huge gap in leadership. Flacius and others helped move Lutherans to the point where the Formula of Concord was written and published with the Book of Concord, 1580.


Pastor Heiser wants to buy the book and translate it for the English speaking public. It will cost him $1,800. I told him to go ahead and order it. I offered to help raise money for the cause. Pastor Heiser is building up a special collection of these materials and he cannot fund this by himself.


I offered to ask everyone I knew for gifts. If you give $100 or more, you will get a free copy of Gerhard’s “Sacred Meditations.” That is one of Repristination Press’ fastest selling books. You will love the book. Pastors can use it for Lenten sermons. Families will want to toss out the drivel they get from the synod and use “Sacred Meditations” for their family devotions.


If you cannot give $100 or more, send a smaller gift to help out. I remember times when we paid the Bethany gas bill with one spare check for $25. It really matters. Most of all, it is encouraging to see people care about Lutheran Orthodoxy.


I believe Pastor Heiser’s work is the most important effort in the Lutheran Church today. Everything depends upon the Word. Nothing will be accomplished with politics. If we do not know our heritage, we will have nothing to give to our children and grandchildren.


I am going to send Pastor Heiser my gift immediately. (He is also giving from his personal funds.) If you wish to send him a gift to help accomplish this worthy goal, use this address:


Pastor James Heiser

716 HCR 3424 E

Malone, TX 76660-9729


If you want to write to him, his email is hunnius@aol.com. Hunnius? Who is he? That’s why we need Repristination Press.


I earned a Ph.D. by writing a dissertation about the Lutheran Church. I had the run of the Notre Dame library, including an entire Protestant library bought for their collection. I have never seen so many treasures unearthed as Pastor Heiser has dug up through his work. He is young and there is a lot to do. Some orthodox works will take decades to translate and print. Those men could write enormous and edifying works. Now the synod presses give us small, stupid, illiterate works promoting Universalism and Reformed doctrine.


On Judgment Day I will be asked, “What did you do to promote the teaching of the pure Word, My Word?” I will say, “I kept flogging those Lutherans to get more classical works into print, but it was like trying to start a fire by rubbing two damp sticks together.” And the King of Kings will say, “I hear you.”


In Christ,