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Pastor Gregory L. Jackson, Ph.D.

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Dear Readers,


A Lutheran layman Jon Brodhagen, sent a funny hymn parody and gave me permission to send it out over the doctrinal bulletin.


I got a response from Professor James Tiefel, GA pope. (http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atlantis/5256/page2.html)


Tiefel wrote:


[What follows is for the recipients named and only them.  It is not to be
shared in any other way without the written permission of the author.]


Dear Greg,

Thanks for the hymn.  I'll take it along to our next Commission on Worship
meeting and we'll give it a lusty sing.  If it commends itself to others,
maybe it can find a place at some of the initiation rites at our synod
schools.  I'm guessing its author will be happy to have it preserved and
his name engraved in blessed memory.

Greetings to the Nightingale of Wittenberg (or Mankato or wherever he's
from).  One good turn deserves another so I'm sending this along:

Chief of sinners though I be,
Brodhagen is worse than me!

(absolutely not for dissemination except to JB)



End of quotation from WELS seminary professor James Tiefel, organizer of the famous pan-denominational WELS worship event (ELCA, Roman Catholic, Evangelical, Episcopalian, LCMS, but no ELS) at Carthage College. WELS women taught WELS men about worship at the conference.


Tiefel’s doggerel is not as mean-spirited as his other messages have been. However, I am quite surprised that Tiefel thinks he can have me send his poetry to Mr. Brodhagen, that the professor can send it wherever he wishes, and yet I am not supposed to send it to the eager recipients of the Martin Chemnitz Doctrinal Bulletin.


I sent the hymn parody all over the world and Tiefel’s response deserves the same kind of distribution.


This is how WELS leaders respond to criticism of their promotion of false doctrine, in two easy steps:

1.     A sincere pastor or layman says: “This is not sound doctrine. It is not what we taught in the past. It is contrary to the Scriptures and the Confessions.”

2.     Typical WELS answer: “You are a bad person. You need to be disciplined. Why would anyone listen to you? You need a complete medical check-up from a caring physician. You have violated the 8th Commandment. Why would anyone listen to you – you are a slanderer!”


If someone sends me information that is confidential, I honor their request. You would all be surprised at the material sitting in my files and on my computer. (If I get a written document that might compromise a source, I read it and destroy it.) What bothers and terrifies Tiefel and Company is that 7 years after I resigned my call in WELS, the WELS and ELS pastors still write me and call me for advice, sharing their concerns with me. There were hysterical attempts to ferret out my contacts and eliminate them, but that is impossible. The sources often change, since various people write or phone at different times for advice. I also learn from them as well.


As far as facts are concerned, I do not broadcast a story unless it can be substantiated with multiple sources, almost always written. One person said, “Everything you have written, if I find out the facts, turned out to be true.” Another person said, “WELS is far worse than anything you have written.” The second person had sources at WELS headquarters.


I am glad for the Internet, because now people can check out the official stories. Before the Internet, how many people could look up faculty at various schools, read mission statements, verify claims? Now, if someone says that Thoughts of Faith is not an Evangelical Lutheran Synod/WELS organization, I can send them to the TOF home page.

http://www.tof.org/ (Right now the site is void of information! John Shep quit the ELS for about 15 minutes once. There have been some conflicts.)


The WELS director of communications, the one who cannot spell Lutheran and does not use a spell-checker, got huffy about my copy of the WELS trademark on my Very Unofficial WELS Home Page. My brother, a very successful corporate lawyer, pointed out to me that WELS failed to protect their trademark cross with a circle r or a (tm). That is required by law, but it does look a little cheesy on or near a cross. Moreover, WELS should have paid me to remove the logo from my web page. If someone wants to borrow and use the purple cross with the ends bitten off (as one wit described it), I doubt whether WELS has a legal claim without the registered trademark. I am pointing this out because the director of communications implied I was doing something unethical. I thought I was doing WELS a favor, because my readers would use my site and then click on the WELS cross to get the other side of the story. (I have to fix the link.) Do you think WELS will link my site on theirs? No.


You can guess what will happen when this bulletin goes out. Tiefel will be deeply offended that I quoted him, even though he forbade it. In the so-called Church of the Lutheran Confession, where James Tiefel has a cousin of similar style and substance, they have a saying, “A Tiefel is never wrong. And they never apologize.” I think the Tiefels all reckon they are infallible when they teach ex cathedra.


Look at what Pastor Paul Tiefel published, promoted, and defended in the CLC.



What is the key issue? It is really a matter of the Two Tables of the Law. The first table, the first three commandments, apply to our relationship with God and His Word. The second table, the last seven commandments, concern our relationships with other human beings. Sins against the first table are the most serious, because they are attacks against God and His revealed Word. Sins against the first table murder souls and also lead to many sins of the second table.


For instance, when ELCA was formed and again repudiated the inerrancy of the Scriptures, a sin against the firs table, they also continued the previous bodies’ lobbying in favor of abortion on demand. (I documented that in “Out of the Depths of ELCA,” published in Christian News.)


When James Tiefel hired an ELCA parish staffmember to teach WELS members about worship, at the Carthage conference, he (and WELS) promoted the view that ELCA’s postitions against the Scriptures and for abortion were matters of indifference.


Tiefel is actually one of the most galling of false teachers in Lutheranism today. The LCA and ALC were feministic in the 1970s, when they brought out the Liberal Book of Weirdness. Women were already ordained in the LCA and ALC then. But neither group chose to wreck the meaning of the Creed by replacing “and became man” with “fully human.” Tiefel couldn’t even leave the Athanasian Creed alone. Note the differences there as well. The defense was: “We had to use the wordings that came from the ecumenical commission.” Can you picture this: the liberal and unionistic English Language Liturgical Consultation holding a gun to Tiefel’s head and saying, “Jim, either your brains or ‘fully human’ will be on that Creed today.”


But wait! The acknowledgement page (p. 925) in Calvinistic Worship says ELLC work was “altered.” That means the heavily armed and dictatorial ELLC let Tiefel get away with changing some of the words. Was it better or worse before Tiefel’s liberal commission finished with it? We will never know.


I do know that the ELS quit the joint commission in disgust and produced their own hymnal, one decidedly better than Calvinistic Worship. Teigen officially denied it in Christian Worship, but many people have confirmed what I heard discussed in the ELS.