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Pastor Gregory L. Jackson, Ph.D.

6421 W. Poinsettia Drive
Glendale, Arizona 85304-2419

623-334-8014; chemnitz@uswest.net





Please note the newest website added to the list on the letterhead and in the signature line.





I discovered some animated artwork on the Microsoft site, so I had fun adding two of those. Microsoft has such a huge gallery that they even had an animated graphic for the Purple Palace. And one for Christian News!


If you wonder whether this kind of work is worthwhile, let me tell you. When I do searches on various Lutheran topics, I turn up familiar pages all the time. “Oh. I did that one.” It is surprising what gets picked up on these search engines. In doing a few searches over the weekend, I found 20 or more pages that I had posted on the Net or others that referred to published pages.


One ELCA seminary professor was doing an Internet search, found the site for “Thy Strong Word” and ordered a copy for his class. He knew what he was getting, because he asked for “Truth on the Scaffold” through email. He said something about “learning from the Church Growth people,” so I said, “We can learn how to be Zwinglians.” I also added Krauth’s quip, “We admire everything about the Reformed—except their doctrine.”


I usually post the URL of a new site to about 15 search engines and also on Lutherans.Net. I think that is enough to appear on the search engines. No engine covers the entire Internet. My favorites are Google and Copernic for searches.


I get negative responses from WELS loyalists. One man insisted that Al Just was innocent of murder, even thought the jury convicted him and he married his children’s baby-sitter (such grief for his late wife). I could not figure out what another WELS loyalist was saying. I think all the negative responses (about 4 or 5) have been WELS. Some CLC official wanted to know about the evidence I had. I assume he was an official. He wanted to remain anonymous while asking about my documentation. In case anyone wonders, I do not publish information unless I can prove it. A common political trick is to leak a false story and then yell “Liar” when the story is proven false. I received one such story from a reliable source, but his source was obviously pulling one over on him. I checked out the facts and the false story did not appear. I am happy to correct an error when one appears.


I cannot figure out how WELS members and pastors learn the 10 Commandments. Attacks against God’s Word are excused. Murder is excused. Adultery is no reason to keep a nice guy from being a pastor…or district president. But breathe a word of criticism of Holy Mother WELS and the roof comes off. Wait. I will modify that. The apostates can criticize WELS all they want in order to promote their Zwinglian doctrine and practice. It is only the valid and constructive criticism that meets with explosive rage.


The ELS is “Mini-Me” for WELS. I just caught the end of “Austin Powers II, “ a dreadful piece of garbage, and the “Mini-Me” clone of Dr. Evil reminded me of the WELS/ELS relationship.


I think the LCMS has the most hope for the future, not as a synod, but among the congregations and pastors. There are good WELS and ELS pastors but they are dealing with the purest kind of Stalinism. Their best intentions will never be realized.


The LCMS pastors and congregations have the legal and intellectual freedom to create a different world for themselves. They are wise in gathering publicly and supporting one another. I recall a “secret” WELS pastoral group that no one knew about. Of course I knew many of the names in it. I doubt that I was the only one who knew. Pretty soon it was scattered to the winds. Timidity translated into secrecy will not advance the pure Word of God.


LCMS members and pastors read a lot. There is no substitute for being well read. This is an age of verbal promiscuity. Everyone has an opinion but few read books or study topics. The clergy are leaders in this shameful practice. In the past the leading theologian was the head of the synod. That was true for Walther, Pieper, Lenski, Krauth, Jack Preus, and others. Now Al Barry has ghost-writers who publish books and articles in his name! So what the Lutheran Church needs now is a political leader who hires ghost-writers to make him look like a theologian. Look in vain for a contribution from ELS President George Orvick or WELS President Gurgel. I do recall Gurgel confessing in his report that it would be “false modesty to deny that I have the gifts of leadership.”


Lutherans will not get anywhere by staging additional political battles. The conservatives have lost them all. The barbarians are not at the gates—they are in the church headquarters. Only the Word can defeat them.