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Monday, November 08, 1999


Church growther Jimmy Long will be speaking at Wisconsin Lutheran College this Monday compliments of Charis. See the attachments for more info including the invitation, some quotes from Long's book, and the syllabus from Kelm's church growth class which now uses Jimmy Long's book instead of The Body.


For website information, click  http://www.gospelcom.net/ivpress/author/longj.html





Jimmy Long, a campus minister for more than twenty years, is convinced that we are in the middle of a societal hurri­cane. As the culture moves further into postmodernity, it’s a time of enormous and rapid change. And so-called Generation X, the first generation to grow up postmodern, is at the vanguard.


Few have noticed the vital links between postmodernism and Generation X, but Long has. And here he teases out their implications for evangelism and discipleship.


Generating Hope innovatively explores the power of commu­nity, shame, adoption and hope for today’s young adults. And it sets forth a compelling strategy of small group ministry that should appeal to a generation starved for a sense of belonging.


“With Generating Hope Jimmy Long has made postmodernism and its implications understandable. This is a must read book for anyone who has a passion to reach the next generation.”

DIETER ZANDER Willow Creek Community Church, Barrington, Illinois


The success of the church in reaching Generation X requires that we be guided by practitioners who are both theologically informed and culturally attuned. Jimmy Long is among the best.”

STANLEY GRENZ Carey/Regent College


“A new generation is coming full speed. Jimmy Long has insightfully described its thoughts, aspirations and struggles. Arid best of all, he’s pointed out what its going to take for the Christian community to embrace these remarkable young people.”

GORDON MACDONALD Grace Chapel, Lexington, Massachusetts


“With judicious biblical insight, Jimmy Long addresses the spiritual homelessness of our postmodern era and otters wise counsel for reconstructing hope in hopeless times.”

RICHARD LINTS Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary


Jimmy Long is a regional director for InterVarsity

Christian Fel]owship.. He is a contributor to the Small

Group Loaders’ Handbook: The Next Generation.



ISBN O-8308-1680-1



(Back cover of ‘Generating Hope’)